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NASA Photo Archive Collection

Continuing on from the previous post about an auction in NYC at Swann Galleries titled “The Knowing Eye – Photographs and Photobooks” on April 19th 2018 is this fascinating archive of over 1,500 images of NASA photographs relating to the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Missions.

The archive consists of ferrotyped silver prints approx 19 x 24cm, most with captions. Dating from 19961-1972.

It is:
“An extraordinary visual record of the U.S.’s remarkable space program, notably its halcyon days resulting in numerous “firsts,” including the first American to orbit the Earth (John Glenn), the first spacewalk (Ed White), and the first man to step foot on the moon (Neil Armstrong), among others. The collection features images of heroic astronauts, scientists, and engineers associated with the numerous missions from 1961-1972, the first eleven years of manned missions. Highlights include photographs depicting liftoff, astronauts floating in space, Earthrise, capsules “rendezvousing,” the dark side of the moon, and the lunar surface, including the moon walk and lunar rover.

The collector who compiled the archive was employed by a national picture agency. During this pre-digital period, more photographs were made available to news outlets than were required. Once the demand for images of an event diminished, excess photographic prints were typically destroyed. This collection contains press prints that were saved from destruction” 

What an extraordinary group of images….wish I was closer to be able to view the archive before It is sold.

Neil Armstrong, On Tranquility Base

Neil Armstrong, On Tranquility Base


Lift Off of Saturn V, with Apollo 13

Lift Off of Saturn V, with Apollo 13

Commander Jim Lovell, pre departure Apollo 13

Commander Jim Lovell, pre departure Apollo 13

Mexican Movie Lobby Cards

I came across the fascinating images of mid-cenutry advertising/film promotion pictured below in a catalogue for Swann Auction Galleries NYC, at an auction of photographs and photobooks coming up in NYC on April 19. The whole catalogue can be viewed here

The auction contains swoon worthy art photography by the big names and lesser known names – but in addition has some fascinating pieces of social history like these. Another very interesting auction lot is one of over 1,000 NASA Apollo missions – but I will save that for another time.

This is Lot 279, and it consists of group of aprroximately 123 lobby cards for Mexican B Movies, promoting spaghetti westerns.

Each displays

“a melodramatic cut-scene photograph alongside period titling, credits and graphic design. Offset lithographs, overall measuring 11×14 inches (28×35.6 cm.), each with a mounted silver print, the images measuring 6 1/2×8 inches (16.5×20.3 cm.) Circa 1960s”


Mexican Movie Lobby Card

Mexican Movie Lobby Card Image – Swann Galleries NYC

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Pal Joey//New Moon Album Cover, World Record Club 1960s

Rodgers’ and Harts’ Pal Joey and Sigmund Romburgs’ New Moon, Muscial arrangements by Johnny Douglas. World Record Club c1960s.

It is such a pity that the designer and or photographer of this superb cover design hasn’t yet been identified.

I think it is one of the standout designs from the World Record Collection of Musicals c1960s.

Everything about this design is so of its time. These days the style will immediately remind views of course of the television series Mad Men, and its main character Don Draper…but originally the male character on the cover appears to have been based on crooner Dean Martin.

World Record Club, Cover Art for Pal Joey Read more

David Leonard Album Covers

David Leonard produced some superb covers for the World Record Club during its early years. Below are the album covers which I have, designed by David.

I haven’t been able to find out anything else about this influential designer who was with the World Record Club in its formative years –  but the strong designs give a sense of the skill and strength of their designer.

David Leonard Design, World Record Club Read more

Janice McBride Album Cover

This bold and striking album cover is taken from an original artwork purchased by the World Record Club from an exhibition by four artists who worked together at Paton Advertising, Melbourne in the early 1960’s.

The exhibition entitled “Collage” was held at The Argus Gallery in Melbourne in November 1966, and this work by Janice McBride is entitled “Spanish”.

Janice McBride was/is a Melbourne Artist, and from looking at her C.V. this was the first time she exhibited.

Have a look at the body of work on her website linked above, from 1966 until the present day – she has produced some beautiful printmaking and painting.

Janice McBride "Spanish"

Janice McBride “Spanish” 1966