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Gebrauchsgraphik January 1968

Below is the amazingly psychedelic, bright and bold cover design for Gebrauchsgraphik, January 1968 – The German publication for visual communication and artistic advertising, edited by Eberhard Holscher.

The designer of this typically psychedelic piece is not credited anywhere I can find in the publication however.

The psychedelic movement began in the mid 1960’s and effected many parts of popular culture.  It reached its peak in the “Summer of Love” in 1967, but its influence carried into the early 1970s.

The term “psychedelic” refers to drugs popular with the youth culture of the time, and Psychedelic Art and Design tried to express visually the sensation of “tripping out” .

Some of its influences included Art Nouveau, Op Art and Surrealism, and 3 of the best known Psychedelic designers are Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso and Bonnie Maclean 

Gebrauchsgraphik Cover Jan 1968

Gebrauchsgraphik Cover Jan 1968




American Graphic Design, 1956

The Penrose Annual of 1956 has a feature article entitled “American Graphic Design” by Peter Selz & Robert Kosta. It is quite a comprehensive story of  the history of American graphic design from the early 20th century until when it was written for the 1956 publication.

The article outlines the strong influence on graphic design of painting, architecture and the Bauhaus in earlier part of the 20th Century. It also outlines the possible dangers emerging such as:

“One danger felt by many designers stems for an approach to graphic design in terms of visual form in themselves, without regards for their meaning. This leads easily to cut and dried formula layouts with the substitution of a new set of cliches”

The whole article is a fascinating read, as are all of these in-depth articles in the Penrose Annuals. The articles are well worth studying for those interesting in the history and development of graphic design, emerging technologies of this time, and the development of our overall visual language during the 20th Century.

Magazine Cover by W. H. Allner

Magazine Cover by W. H. Allner

Magazine Cover by W. H. Allner

Magazine Cover by W. H. Allner

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Soviet Life 1969 – Man and Outer Space

Soviet Life 1969 – Man and Outer Space

Soviet Life magazine of August 1969 was an edition dedicated to “Man and Outer Space”. It is a fascinating publication with a wide range of articles from the technical and factual to the sociological. There is even one entitled “The Legal Status of the Moon” and another interesting read by Yuri Gagarin entitled “Emotions in Outer Space”.

The magazine of course gives a nearly wholly Soviet perspective of Man in Space, but it is a story which the Western World today may hardly be aware of – i.e. the important role which the Soviets played in the early “space race”.

Interestingly this edition was published just a month after the NASA Astronauts had landed on the Moon, and the “race to the moon” was over for the Soviets.

The graphics, photography and layout in this edition are all particularly good. Below are some of my favourites. The illustrator(s)/graphic designer(s) of many of the images are not attributed, but the Art Director attributed in the magazine credits is Marina T. Zabolotskaya.

The Young Cosmanauts Club - Photo Boris Elin

The Young Cosmanauts Club – Photo Boris Elin

At Dawn

At Dawn – Carrier Rocker of Soyuz Spaceship at the launching pad in Baikonur. Photographer not known

Soviet Life, Cover, August 1969

Soviet Life, Cover, August 1969 – Carrier Rocket of the Vostock spaceship. Photo Alexander Mokletsov.

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