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French Seed Packet Labels 1920’s

Several of a number of 1920s litho printed French seed packet labels I have had for some time.

They were printed to be attached to plain seed envelopes, but never used. Quite lovely images, and so much more evocative than the photos which came to replace this type of image on seed packets by the 1960s.

Some of them are available in my UltraLounge store on Etsy (click on the link in the right hand column to see them)



French Seed Packet Label 1920s

French Seed Packet Label 1920s

French Seed Packet Label 1920s

French Seed Packet Label 1920s

French Seed Packet Label 1920s

French Seed Packet Label 1920s

French Seed Packet Label

Vintage Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Below are some fascinating images of vintage pharmacological packaging and label design, which I purchased at an auction of a closed pharmacy a few years ago. They appear to be mainly from around the 1930s with some going up to the 1960s. Many of the items included the original outer box, plus the inner container – which gives us much more context of the design than just one element of a design.

Interesting to see how language or terminology on pharmacy packaging has changed since this time too. Such confronting sounding ailments – carbuncles, catarrh, furunculosis…..

I remember “Bex” from my childhood when it was the common drug of choice for cold and flu symptoms – looking at the ingredients now – it is no wonder it made everything seem better :). Manufacture of Bex started around 1930 and was popular until it was withdrawn in 1983 due to safety concerns.

Bex was a strong compound analgesic which was popular in Australia for much of the twentieth century. It came in the form of A.P.C. (aspirin–phenacetin–caffeine) tablets or powder, containing 42% aspirin, 42% phenacetin, plus caffeine. 

Bex was a product of Beckers Pty Ltd. of Pym Street, Dudley Park, South Australia. It was advertised with the phrase, “Stressful Day? What you need is a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down”.

Bex powders were the housewife’s drug of choice in the 1950s and 1960s until they were shown to be highly addictive and found by Dr. Kincaid-Smith to be responsible for causing kidney disease when taken in large doses. (source:Wikipedia)


Vintage Pharmaceutical Packaging & Design Vintage Pharmaceutical Packaging & Design Read more

Reel to Reel Packaging

A piece of found packaging c1970s. I received this box with another item packaged inside it from an online purchase some time ago.

I cant remember what the purchase was, but I have kept the box ever since – the layout, graphics, the now grungy look of it, and overall attractiveness of the graphic design always grab my attention.

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Juice Labels

A selection of Australian juice labels, probably dating from the 1950s up to the 1970s. In this era many larger or regional towns had their own juice of soft drink producers – hence these labels were and still are reasonably prolific and easy to find. Most of these examples are from regional New South Wales, Australia.

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