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Pal Joey//New Moon Album Cover, World Record Club 1960s

Rodgers’ and Harts’ Pal Joey and Sigmund Romburgs’ New Moon, Muscial arrangements by Johnny Douglas. World Record Club c1960s.

It is such a pity that the designer and or photographer of this superb cover design hasn’t yet been identified.

I think it is one of the standout designs from the World Record Collection of Musicals c1960s.

Everything about this design is so of its time. These days the style will immediately remind views of course of the television series Mad Men, and its main character Don Draper…but originally the male character on the cover appears to have been based on crooner Dean Martin.

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David Leonard Album Covers

David Leonard produced some superb covers for the World Record Club during its early years. Below are the album covers which I have, designed by David.

I haven’t been able to find out anything else about this influential designer who was with the World Record Club in its formative years –  but the strong designs give a sense of the skill and strength of their designer.

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Janice McBride Album Cover

This bold and striking album cover is taken from an original artwork purchased by the World Record Club from an exhibition by four artists who worked together at Paton Advertising, Melbourne in the early 1960’s.

The exhibition entitled “Collage” was held at The Argus Gallery in Melbourne in November 1966, and this work by Janice McBride is entitled “Spanish”.

Janice McBride was/is a Melbourne Artist, and from looking at her C.V. this was the first time she exhibited.

Have a look at the body of work on her website linked above, from 1966 until the present day – she has produced some beautiful printmaking and painting.

Janice McBride "Spanish"

Janice McBride “Spanish” 1966

Max Robinson Album Covers

Sad to hear of the recent passing of Max Robinson (1934-2018) – An important and much admired Australian Graphic Designer, productive until the end. You can read a brief entry on his career highlights in the AGDA Hall of Fame HERE.  Amongst his high profile work is the Australian $10 note (1993 > version).

Max also produced a number of designs for the world record club in its early years, including one of its now best known – the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 cover below.

Below also are a few other treasures by Max Robinson for the World Record Club which  I have managed to get hold of over the past few years.

Max Robinson for World Record Club

Max Robinson for World Record Club

Max Robinson for World Record Club

Max Robinson for World Record Club

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Lance Stirling Album Covers

One of the important Designers for The World Record Club was Lance Stirling (b 1928) who was trained as both a designer and painter. In his time with WRC, Stirling only produced 10 designs (as a freelancer) in the early years of the studio, but they were very important in their contribution to quickly establishing what became the WRC ‘style’. In 1962  lance was included in “International who’s who in Graphic Art” – Published in Switzerland,  and in 1996 Lance Stirling inducted into the AGDA Hall of Fame.

Below are 4 album covers I have managed to get hold of designed by Lance Stirling, the remaining 6 seem to be hard to locate.

Lance Stirling Design, World Record Club

Lance Stirling Design, World Record Club

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