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About Me:

This website is a mix of found 20th century graphic design – including illustration, typography, book covers, photography, album covers, architectural ephemera and other visual curiosities.

My background is not as a graphic designer – but I have had a life long interest in the visual and graphic arts – especially that of the 20th Century.

This interest developed In high school, where I had been drawn to Graphis Magazine which the high school art department subscribed to. Graphis transfixed me every time I read it with its outstanding graphics, photography, layout and bold style, and it is undoubtedly what started my interest  in graphics and printmaking.

I trained as an Art Teacher in the 1970s, and majored at Art School in printmaking and ceramics. I taught both fields for many years, and my interest in these fields has endured.

2 of the frequent resource materials I use for this site (partly because I have a collection of each) are the Penrose Annual and World Record Club Albums . You can read about each of these in the “about menu” drop down for each. Other frequently used references will be summarised in the drop down menu, as I use and add them.

All work and images on this site are copyright to their respective owners, and must not be used for commercial purposes.

I hope you enjoy this site. Feedback, comments etc. are always welcome and you can contact me via the contact form on the menu above.

Ray Garrod



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